Copywriter - 2 Month Freelance - Hybrid - Melbourne
- The perfect Copywriting Freelance gig until Xmas
- Short copy, EDM and social DM's
- #Hybrid (2 days onsite #Melbourne CBD)

Were you looking for one of the best freelance gig opportunities that will keep you busy until Christmas? Well, here it is.

Our client is one of Australia's most established energy companies that are based in the heart of Melbourne CBD. They are about to start thriving and demand for promotion and Christmas campaigns is well and truly here!

They are in need of a Copywriter to work alongside their Senior Copywriter. You will be part of the team for the busy period to create short, sharp and snappy copy to offer promotions, energy updates and the odd customer birthday message.

You'll be working with a semiformal brand voice. Formal but not too formal, conversational minus the slang. Your engaging, attention grabbing copy will be part of EDM's and social posts, along with a small 2-page brochure.

If this project sounds like you, APPLY NOW! Or contact Sean at sean@getartisan.com.au, or call (03) 9514 1000.

We look forward to seeing your copy!

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Sean NOW via email.