Junior Designer - Sports / Entertainment Projects - Inhouse
Working with a passionate team
Design & Sports.
South East Melbourne

There are plenty of things that bring you joy in life.
Its even better when you combine your two passions together - sports and design could be your career. Add to the mix you’re working with a team that work hard, provide feedback and all have a bit of banter going on in the office. You’ll be a part of creative projects

You want to work on ideas and roll out of campaigns - done.
Jump in on branding projects - sure.
Web design and digital marketing - campaigns ahoy.
There is promotional and marketing collateral - brilliant.
Got ideas on how to push social content and build engaging animation - come and get started!

The crew you're going to be working with have different skills and collaborate a lot on projects as they come in. Brainstorming together and bringing different perspectives to a brief. These briefs are going to be diverse too. If you want to bring different ideas to a supportive team - put them out there and this passionate team are going to help you with the solutions to make it happen. You’ve got people around you that are willing to train you and point you in the right direction when you need the assist.

Let me know what you can do and what you want to be trained on. These projects are your opportunity to build up your skills. Lets see what you've got - update your profile with your proudest projects. Show your creative thinking - how you got there is just as important as the outcome.

If you want to go to work every day doing what you love to do - take the time and show me your best.

There are two new roles created within this team, Junior and Midweights with local working rights are welcome to apply.

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Mathew NOW via email.