Digital Designer - Freelance Projects - March '22 Onward
Freelance Projects in 2022
Part time requirements
Inner Melbourne Design studio

We're partnering with a communications company that
specialise in branding. They work with their clients across the concept and development stages to give their brand a voice. The team will work on branding development and roll out as needed across the relevant brand channels.

You'll be part time working with other Designers and a Copywriter, every one brings different strengths to the team - there is a lot of scope for you to bring your own skills to a project.

The digital requirements on some of the larger branding projects will require a specialist and then there are dedicated digital design clients. You can build up a working relationship with a local design studio, have a rapport that makes working together really smooth - all with remote working flexibility.

There will be projects that vary, branding development for SME clients, roll out across national brands, consumer campaigns, EDMs, social media content, branded digital content. Each brief will have its own requirements so show us a number of SME client projects in your folio with a variety of digital branded touchpoints.

Update your Artisan profile with a current CV and folio - lets talk and get your ready for 2022.

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Mathew NOW via email.