MELBOURNE | 6 Mth Contract - Traffic Manager
Melbourne South East Artisan | 6 Month + Contract |

Experienced Traffic Managers;

This office is colourful, supportive and high energy.
There are going to be about 30 people that you’ll be working closely with, supporting a Studio Manager that is as busy as you and every day is going to be different. What a rush!

You have experience preempting situations, chances are you’ve encountered more than your fair share and have learnt many ways to manage them. In fact, you can recognise the early warning signs and make sure that these situations are sorted in advance.

You know how to get people motivated with a smile. This creative team of Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators are all driven with what they do, your role in the team is to keep all the plates spinning whilst fostering and understanding the team. Knowing people, their strengths and where the workload is at will be what you need with this team.

Details. Focus. Implementation.
This role is very detail focused.
Tell me about how you’ve kept multiple projects rolling simultaneously in the past.

There are fun perks to being a part of the team. Lets talk about them on the phone, I’m really looking forward to speaking with experience Traffic Managers who have worked with decent sized teams and are ready to start something new.

Update your Artisan profile and lets have a conversation.

Should you have a complex question preventing you from applying, please get in touch with Mathew NOW via email.