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Connecting you easily with specialist creative resources is OUR job

When looking for temporary, contract or permanent Creative support, you may not have either the time or the network to find it. Here's exactly what you NEED in a creative recruitment partner:

Someone who provides best-fit talent in a timely, reliable and cost-efficient manner.

Someone who fully understands how the creative industry works.

Someone who's focused on helping you get EXACTLY what you need.

Someone with access to a vast network across a diverse range of talents and skills.

Someone who is experienced in the creative recruitment field, making it work for your business. Every time!

We are that "someone". Clearly, you'll WANT Artisan.

Our Creative Community

Artisan's impressive network of skilled Creatives will give you the edge to get your job done. On brief and on time!

BUSINESS IS ABOUT PEOPLE. We nurture our relationships and provide Creatives with career development opportunities. This ensures only the best Creatives work with you.

We protect our Creative community by following best practices. We take care of our Freelancers' tax and superannuation, along with public liability and professional indemnity insurances. This also eliminates any risk to you.

As our talent network grows, we'll proactively promote individuals who we believe may be suitable to your needs. We'll also keep you informed of the best new people around. Expertise gives you confidence!

Find exactly who you are looking for.

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Our Offer

Our core services are temporary, contract and permanent placements. But that's where the similarity between us and our competitors ends. As creative recruitment experts, our Consultants have an in-depth understanding of how the creative industry works. Hence our strong reputation. CREATIVES that work.

Temporary Placements:

When you need someone fast, you don't have time to waste. One phone call to Artisan connects you to a vast network of creative talent. We also offer you the flexibility of a temporary workforce WITHOUT THE HASSLE of setting up payroll.

Our creative recruiters can: take your brief, provide you with suitable people for the job quickly and easily, AND have you set up with high quality resources, in most cases, within an hours (or less)!

Contract & Permanent Placements:

When looking for someone to join your team, it's about more than just the job description. Artisan Consultants take the time to understand your business and culture to ensure the people we shortlist are the most suitable for you.

Your time is valuable. You need the benefit of a fast response without the stress of managing an intensive search and lengthy interview process. Make it easier on yourself.

Hand the stress over and let Artisan do all the legwork.

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The dynamic and ever-changing world of Advertising demands a recruiter who truly understands "the nature of the beast". From the ebb and flow of workload through to creative pitches, we have it covered. With a constant stream of increasingly diverse talent, we ensure your recruitment needs can be met. At a moment's notice.

We assist companies and candidates every day to help them reach their full potential. The recent move towards integrated media represents a space we've worked in for some years. We've successfully helped develop the careers of many digital professionals and assisted leading agencies in the transition from a traditional model to a digitally integrated model.

Artisan specialises in sourcing all areas of your creative, digital, account service, production and studio talent needs. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions to truly understand: who you are, what you do and, most importantly, what you need.

Contact the Artisan Advertising Team to find your creative match:

SPENCER  Business Manager (VIC)    DEBBIE  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SHAMIM  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)   

Mid-weight Multimedia Mac-Operator Recruitment Australia, Permanent Senior Advertising Typesetting Recruitment Adelaide, Temporary Advertising Typesetting Recruitment GeelongGovernment UI-Design Recruitment, Creative Brand-Identity Recruitment Brisbane, Temp Digital Digital-Design Roles Australia


Of all the industry sectors requiring creatives, Corporate has the most diversity. From small one-man operations up to large multinationals, each environment has its own unique requirements and challenges. And Artisan has seen them all.

The corporate landscape is constantly evolving. Companies need to be able to tap into their markets easily, effectively and within budget. With developments in digital technology, corporate organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their need to connect with social media, interactive publishing and video.

Companies are realising they can bring work back in house and produce a quality to equal the advertising agencies and design studios they've previously outsourced to. This is the new corporate design paradigm.

Whether you already have clear goals to drive change, or you're unsure of where to start, we can provide the solutions. Artisan recruitment has supplied a constant stream of experienced in-house corporate design talent including:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Finished Artist
  • Presentation Specialists
  • Interactive Publishing Specialists
  • Web Designers
  • Branding Specialists.

We are also experienced with PSA's and Tenders. In this ever-changing environment, Artisan is there to ensure our corporate design clients' and candidates' every need is met.

Contact the Artisan Corporate Team to find your creative match:

DEBBIE  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SEAN  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SHAMIM  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    KELLY  Business Development Specialist (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)   

Part-Time Multimedia Art-Direction Recruitment, Temp Multimedia FMCG-Packaging-Design Recruitment Brisbane, Senior Digital Graphic-Design Recruitment MelbourneTemp Government-Sector Brand-Identity Recruitment, Freelance Creative Graphic-Designer Recruitment, Creative Creative-Director Jobs Hobart

Design Studios

Artisan's Design clients range from the sole designer who runs their own business through to top-tier international design consultancies.

Many of the sole designers we've worked with have become mid-tier studios over time, requiring additional staff to accommodate their growth phase. Artisan is with them for the long haul.

From small to large Studios, we're seeing a trend to bring digital skills in-house. Here, talent needs range from a single digital designer through to dedicated teams across the full spectrum of digital design.

Our expertise within the Design Studio space has seen Artisan place a wide spectrum of talent at all levels. These jobs have included:

  • Brand Strategists
  • Account Service
  • Graphic Designers
  • Finished Artists
  • Production and Studio Managers
  • DTP/MS Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Proof-readers
  • Illustrators
  • ...even Arabic calligraphers. (You name it, we've sourced it!)

Our team understands that every role, whether junior, mid-weight or senior, requires a specific set of skills to get the job done. Only through networking deep inside the creative industry, do we meet those "hard-to-find" skill-set requirements. Both nationally and internationally.

Contact the Artisan Design Team to find your creative match:

DEBBIE  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    MATHEW  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SEAN  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SHAMIM  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)   

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Digital Agencies

The Digital Market in Australia is in constant flux. From retail to mining, "digital" has a place amongst all industries.

Take e-commerce. As a retailer, you couldn't be taken seriously if you didn't have an e-comm channel. Think about your apps, like the one you use to order your morning coffee. Digital is everywhere! User experience or UX designers come up with wire-frames. Developers to put it together. Designers and information architects to help customers buy your product. The digital marketers who came up with the Paywave idea and the conceptual design gods or UI designers who make it all look good.

With digital as a medium, businesses can be more interactive with their audience. Content is king. Keeping your audience engaged with fresh and exciting content is paramount to the success of the brand message.

What does that mean for our candidates and clients at Artisan? Speaking to our clients, it's clear that digital is now at the cornerstone of every campaign. Pools of talented Digital candidates are being used to define strategy, drive innovation, and create campaigns that engage and inspire.

At Artisan, we can see that the digital landscape is ever-changing. We're committed to sourcing the most talented candidates. Digital Designers. Developers. Producers. All to provide you with "the industry leaders of the digital future".

Contact the Artisan Digital Team to find your creative match:

SHAMIM  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    KELLY  Business Development Specialist (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)   

Mid-to-Senior Multimedia Marketing-Communication Recruitment Sydney, Freelance Design Brand Roles Australia, Government Mac-Operator Jobs Melbourne

Government Sector

Artisan is highly experienced with PSAs and Tenders. However, in recent years, our State Government has had limited resources and tight budgets. The Public Service recruitment freeze hasn't helped with the result being a discontinuation of contracts and the inability to resource projects that are dependent on skills and knowledge.

Even with a current easing of the situation, there's still a focus on practical solutions that are kept within budget. So what are your options? Many departments simply hire temporary staff on a short-term basis to get the job done. This allows you to continue to meet those critical deadlines without the pressure of a lack of resources.

Artisan understands budgetary pressures. As Freelancers, our candidates are fully aware of their responsibilities to jump in at short notice and "keep the ball rolling" to help you achieve your goals. With no expectation of extensions.

Artisan provides realistic and viable options that you may not have thought available to you – a range of creative solutions to compliment the evolving requirements within government departments. Graphic Designers. Finished Artists. Desktop Publishers. We've also met the growing need for Microsoft Office and Digital/Web Specialists.

We've worked with Government from the beginning. Our very first client was City of Melbourne! Artisan offers an efficient, reliable service so that you have access to whatever Creative requirement you need. Whenever you need it.

Contact the Artisan Government Team to find your creative match:

DEBBIE  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SEAN  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    SHAMIM  Recruitment Consultant (VIC)    PHIL  Recruitment Consultant (QLD)