The Week That Was | Artisan Recruitment - 04/08/2022

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The Week That Was | Artisan Recruitment

What another great week here at Artisan. The team have really been performing to our values (creative community leadership, believing in the process, adding value, reciprocal treatment, being business savvy and upfront).

This week we've had a great vibe in the office, it helps that we have so many characters in this office with different interests, hobbies and tastes our catch-up chats are always a smorgasbord of hilarious stories.

The office has been bustling this week. Client visits, interviews, reference checks, candidate check-ins and client calls, and damn we have 42+ jobs on our website! Our Spotify stopped working though, meaning we've had to adopt YouTube playlists (which always seem to start with Ed Sheeren!).

Doggo update: Phantom keeps breaking out his toothy grin, he seems truly happy. Arti is still howling for attention whenever he feels he deserves it (which is always) and we had a new doggo in this week, Luna, a pug who really lets you know when she's running toward you.

We've been welcoming, interviewing and referencing hundreds of candidates this week, updating availability and placing some amazing talent. It's Friday, which means we will be getting down into the Friday Quiz at the end of the day and announcing Employee of the Month for July, which as always comes with a coveted golden extra vacation day.

If you're looking for a creative and digital role, scroll down and take a look at our Hot Jobs. If you're looking for a creative or digital freelancer or new member for your team, scroll even further and look at this week's candidate A-LIST. 

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Whatever it is you're looking for, your next project, challenge or career move, we are that opportunity. #Freelance, #contract or #permanent, in #Brisbane, #Melbourne and #Sydney. Head over to our job page, get registered and get applying!

Account Manager - Global Advertising
#Permanent | #Melbourne

This is a great opportunity for an experienced Account Manager to expand their portfolio to include luxury beauty and high-end automobile brands. Further, develop your skills with a clear progression plan tailored to you! Click here to find out more and APPLY NOW.


Midweight Digital Designer - Brand/Digital Studio
#Permanent | #Sydney

As a Digital Designer, you will have the opportunity to produce a range of work for b2b clients, including industry standard websites, infographics, EDM’s and if you have the skills, motion design. Click here to find out more and APPLY NOW.

Senior Front End Developer - HYBRID - Digital Agency
#Permanent | #Melbourne

In this role you’ll plan and implement front end solutions for client projects, including websites and web apps, you will also contribute to the training and development of junior staff by providing them direction and nurturing their skills. Click here to find out more and APPLY NOW.

Prezi Designer for High-end Presentations #REMOTE
#Freelance | #Remote #Sydney

Experienced Prezi Designer required to build a presentation mid-August. You'll have had experience with designing dynamic presentations. You will have a current Prezi license and be able to set up the presentation for feedback on 29 August. Click here to find out more and APPLY NOW.

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You need a creative or digital freelancer, we have them. We have Australia's largest creative and digital workforce, ready to #WFH. That's 3000+ candidates, all referenced, interviewed and ready to work. It's a no brainer. Click here to HIRE SOMEONE NOW.

1. Senior Animator (7+ years) ✅

We have a highly motivated animator based in Melbourne with 7+ years of experience working with IT Companies, Creative Studios, and Individual Clients based in The U.S.A. and Australia. They specialise in 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Video Editing using Adobe After Effects and Creative Suite. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

2. Digital Designer (10+ years)

Creative graphic designer and web designer with extensive professional history conceptualising, designing, and developing company sites and concepts. With a thorough understanding of technical programs and applications. Delivers results with consistency and accuracy. Excels in collaborative and independent roles with self-motivation. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

3. Copywriter (29+ years)

Print and online publishing, specialising in sub-editing, proofreading and writing for news, business, the arts, food, lifestyle, design and travel industries. Career highlights include 13 years as an arts, news, culinary, travel and fashion sub-editor, features writer and columnist. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

4. Senior Graphic Designer (10+ years)

A multidisciplinary, dynamic creative with 10 years experience across branding, FMCG, digital, photography, and art direction. In their career, they've had the pleasure to work across a wide range of brands, from startup to global. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

5. Senior Graphic Designer (20+ years)

We have a senior designer with experience in corporate, in house, agency and retail design. They have a passion for design with a view to the big picture context of any single piece of work. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

6. Digital Marketing and PR Manager (7+ years)

Our candidate has experience as a PR & Influencer Marketing Manager, they now want to use their network and creative strategic skills to grow other brands that align with their values and work/life balance. Request more information and HIRE THIS CREATIVE here.

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