7 Instagram Reel Ideas for Designers

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We’ve all sat there scrolling through Reels, sometimes for too long. We laugh, we cry and we fall down rabbit holes. Love it or hate it, Reels are here to stay and are essential for your growth on the platform as Meta and Insta are video first nowadays. You may be an introvert who doesn’t want to show their face on camera, never fear! Our 7 Instagram reel ideas are here!

1 - Before and After

Everyone loves a before and after, a growth story. Why not show your own before and afters, time-lapse it or use static photos. Start with your initial concepts, show your audience the mid way point and then the finished design. Throw music over it and you’ve got a winning piece of content.

2- Behind the Scenes of Design

This is self explanatory, show your audience how you do your work behind the scenes, the screen time, the devising process, do you draw things out before? How long does it take? Do you work weird hours? Are you on the beach? Let your audience see your creative process and the way you work.

3 - Question+Answers

Get your followers to ask you questions using the “Question” stamp on Instagram. Gather a few, get candid and answer them honestly. This can help people understand the process, how much work that actually needs to be done, or even personify you and your brand.

4 - Quick Portfolio

Create a quick, pic by pic folio. Showcasing each design for 1-2 seconds, use a song currently popular on Reels and TikTok and time it with your image transitions. This is by far the quickest way to expose your designs and get instant reactions.

5 - Educate Your Audience

If you’re a pro and have skills to share, then do that! They don’t have to be long or in depth, but if you can share little bits of knowledge to your audience they are going to want to hear more from you. Shortcuts to the snipping tool, toggling through layers, whatever it is… Educate. Do you know the best site to download stock images? Then share it.

6 - 15 Second Design Project Presentation

Showcase your design projects, break it down so that it fits into an Instagram Reel and explain your inspiration, your thought process and why you did what you did. You can even rate on a scale of 1-10 how proud you are of each design. Imagine you are presenting your design to your client. Make it shorter, more succinct and there you have it. The perfect Reel idea.

7 - Review and Testimonial

If you are looking to show the world how good you are or how much others love your work, you can use your testimonials or reviews, screenshot them and plaster them over a Reel. This is tangible evidence that you absolutely rock, so shout about it.


Hope this has given you some ideas for Reels you can do on Instagram, whilst you're there give Artisan a follow for more hints and tips AND JOBS!