Queensland Industry Job Trends and Statistics

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Industry job trends and statistics and how this affects your recruitment.

This information provides current industry and labour market trends, and identifies national skills shortages in Queensland and all sources are from the Queensland Government website*.

Skills shortages

Skill shortages in industry can also mean job opportunities, shortages exist because employers can’t fill vacancies. This may be because the job requires specialist skills, the location is difficult or the industry is booming. In the creative and digital industry this does not seem to be the case as we are currently seeing a candidate shortage. Take a read of "9 ways you are being hit by the candidate shortage".

Here you can read about overall national skills shortages, on the Australian Government website by:

Employment growth

According to the Queensland Government the 4 industries that are expected to record employment growth between 2019–2024 include:

  • health care and social assistance

  • professional, scientific and technical services

  • education and training

  • Construction

These industries are forecast to provide more than 62% of employment growth in the next 5 years. Growth is also likely in those jobs that require higher skill levels (e.g. Bachelor degrees, advanced diplomas).


Relevant work experience in some jobs could be a substitute for formal qualifications. On-the-job training may also be needed as well as formal qualifications.

The Australian Government's Employment outlook to May 2024 has detailed information on the skill levels that are expected in the labour market over the next 5 years.


You can click here (https://www.qld.gov.au/jobs/industry) for a snapshot of current and projected employment figures, earnings and recruitment. Queensland job statistics are provided for most industries.

Queensland trends

Compare Queensland's monthly labour force trends with national figures. You can also find data on monthly employment growth.

For more detailed information on Queensland's labour force statistics visit:

What this means for recruiting for you 

Are you about to lose 22% of your workforce?
We conducted our CADIS (Creative and Digital Industry Sentiment Survey)* at the beginning of the year and of the employees in industry surveyed 22% indicated they would be looking for new work in the next 6 months, and 36% said they "didn't know", this shows that there is about to be a movement of talent and skilled candidates will start appearing on the market. This may also mean that you are going to be searching for new talent.


As mentioned before the creative and digital industry is experiencing a candidate shortage at the moment. This is for a number of reasons, including:

Luckily as specialists in the creative and digital industry and expert recruiters we have solutions to each and everyone of these reasons and can help you find the best and right fit, go and take a read of “9 ways you are being hit by the candidate shortage”.

How we can now help you:

If you are looking for permanent talent or need to take on a creative or digital casual, temp or freelancer we’ve got you covered.


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*Source: Queensland Government - https://www.qld.gov.au/jobs/industry 
*Artisan CADIS Survey Q4 2020.


We hope this helps shed some light on industry job trends, statistics and how this will affect your recruiting process. If you have any questions or need help with understanding any part of this give us a call on (03) 9514 1000 or email harrison@getartisan.com.au.