5 Youtube Documentaries to Inspire Creatives!

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Do you need something to flair up your creativity, get your inspiration burning again?

Well here are 5 documentaries you can find on Youtube to keep the fire alive, in no particular order.


1. Abstract: Art of Design 

Synopsis: An in-depth look into computer design and modern contemporary design with some of the world's most highly regarded designers.




2. PressPausePlay

Synopsis: Writers, musicians and others discuss how the digital age has unleashed creativity.





3. Everything Is a Remix

Synopsis: The first instalment of an ambitious four-part documentary on the history and cultural significance of sampling and collaborative creation.





4. Raising Creativity

Synopsis: How can we nurture creativity in education? The Raising Creativity documentary project answers the why, who, how, what, and now what about creativity in education respectively (i.e., why is this topic important, who has spoken/written on this topic already, how will this issue be investigated this time, what was observed during the inquiry, and now what will this mean going forward?).




5. Infamy 

SynopsisSix well-known graffiti artists and a graffiti buffer discuss their experiences and the culture surrounding the art.