Meet the Artisan Team: Sean Varian

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What is your role at Artisan?

Senior Recruitment Consultant


What is your proudest moment working at Artisan?

Placing my first Senior Appointment in a Global Branding Agency. 


What has been your weirdest/funnest moment at Artisan?

Lots. One of the consultants punching a pot plant by accident when he was in a "slightly bad mood" he was good enough to help out with the cleaning ;), having a life-sized cardboard cut out of our resourcer stood at reception to name a few...

What does a typical day look like for you?

Take calls, making calls, filling jobs mate! Also meeting with candidates and helping them expand their network and get them work with some great clients. Giving them advice on how to showcase their work and folio's in the best light. 


How many years have you been in the industry?

12 years in recruitment specific. Before that it was 3 years in fashion retail getting a good understanding of that industry as well as 2 years as an architectural visualiser. All of my experience has helped me in communicating with the people I deal with on a day to day basis.


Guess how many years we have combined! Watch our video. 

How do you express your creativity?

DJ'ing and fashion.

What is your hidden talent?

DJ and comedian :). 

You’re happiest when?

I've got internet connection and access to youtube. You can put me on the moon if I have that. 

What advices would you give a 12 year old you?

Don't start smoking when you're a teenager, took me a long time to give up! And just be you when it comes to your personality and who you are. Real people respect real people.


Where is your hometown?

Jersey Channel Islands


Describe yourself in three words.

Upfront, Thinker, Reciprocal.