Artisan's Creative Industry Sentiment Report Q2 2020

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We have just published Australia's only extensive insight into the creative industry.

Are your priorities the same, are you performing the same and are your views on recovery the same as everyone else in the creative industry? Read our Creative Industry Sentiment Report and find out... 




This report has gathered insight on performance, attitudes and plans for creative business owners, management, employees and freelancers and compares their thinking.

59% of business owners feel they have a strategy for recovery and have been working at 71% capacity, however their employees feel they have been working at 90%.

This is the only comprehensive look of its kind in Australia, download it now and access the insight we have gathered from across industry.

➤ The real effect COVID-19 has had on business.

➤ The priorities and recovery plan.


➤ Reflecting on past business performance.

➤ Expected future performance.

➤ Trends into clients and services offered.

➤ Workforce and talent.

➤ Culture and values.

➤ Technology.

➤ The economy and government.