5 Reasons You Must Take Your Breaks

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For a lot of us, when you get into the flow or your creative juices are rolling with no sign of stopping, it is easy to forget to take a lunch break whilst at work (Although it is a legal requirement).


There are multiple reasons why you should take a lunch break and they are backed by science. The definition, defined by us, of taking a lunch break is stepping away from you desk, allowing yourself to eat in peace and give yourself a mental break from the tasks at hand. 


For a lot of us the health related reasons to taking a lunch break are obvious. Your body requires energy and hydration to properly function. Being busy at work doesn’t stop your need to eat and drink.


There are many benefits to taking your lunch break, but here are five important ones.


1) Too much screen time is not a good thing

Ever had a headache because you’ve been staring at a screen for too long? Whether it's a computer, phone or tablet in front of you, looking at one for more than two consecutive hours strains your eyes and although it may sound ridiculous, computer vision syndrome is actually a thing. This is a thing that can temporarily cause your eyes to feel irritated, strained and dry. There is no amount of work or deadline that is more important than your own health.



2) Your brain needs to refresh

The much needed breaks your brain needs have to be accounted for during the day. They can make a huge difference in our concentration levels, all of our decision making and interpersonal interactions gradually deplete our brains energy over the course of the day. If we don’t give it some time away from intense responsibilities you’re on your way to an afternoon slump where you struggle to get through the day. Eat and take a break and see an increase in your productivity for the rest of the day. 



3) Movement makes you feel better

Not everyone can exercise during their lunch break… Although I completely respect anyone who does. If you are not breaking a sweat in your lunch break getting up and moving your body is still beneficial. Leave your desk, stretch your muscles and wake your body up from its stagnant sitting position, a lot of the time scrunched over peering at the finer details on the screen.  Our bodies are not meant to be sat down all day. So simply putting your body in motion is an important decisions to make for your own health. 



4) A little sunshine will do you good

Getting fresh air and planting yourself in natural scenery has a way of making you feel much better and lighter and has been shown to decrease levels of anxiety and stress. Find your nearest park or green space and make your way there at lunch. Maybe in the height of summer find a shaded area. Go and find your happy place.


5) You need to eat 

It's never smart to miss a meal and lets be honest who doesn’t love food. Your glucose intake controls your levels of productivity. It's the main source of energy for the cells in the human body and if you’re lacking your are not able to function properly. Snack up during your lunch break.





When working with Artisan we ensure our candidates are well looked after and a lunch break is always part of our terms. If you are looking for your next project, contract or permanent position, head on over to our jobs page or give us a call on (03) 9514 1000