10 Reasons to Hire a Contract / Freelancer

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What are the benefits to hiring a creative contractor or freelancer?

Are you are a creative business owner needing to hire help? Maybe you don’t have a big budget or time to train someone up? Then using freelancers or a contractor could be perfect for you. 


If you’re not sure what a contractor is or why your company might benefit from taking this hiring approach, don’t worry – that’s what we’re here to explain!


What is a contractor? 

A contractor is someone who works for you on a short-term basis (often a number of weeks or months) and is usually hired to help you with a specific project. 


Why hire contractor?

There are plenty of reasons why you’d hire contract staff, below are a selection with the biggest pulling power.



Contractors/Freelancers tend to have higher hourly rates but you save money by not committing to a salary. 



Say you needed help from a Videographer for three projects, that’s not enough to justify hiring someone full-time. Contractors/freelancers enable you to access a vast range of niche skill sets short term. 



Contractors/freelancers tend to have more experience, meaning that you won’t have to spend time and money training them up before they can start being productive in your business.



If it’s not working out with a specific contractor you just don’t use them again! It’s much easier to terminate their contract quickly and hire someone else than it is to fire a full-time employee. 


5. EASE 

Hiring contractors/freelancers puts less of a strain on your HR Department too as they come with a lot less paperwork. They’re responsible for their own worker’s permits and professional licenses.



This generally means two things. You gain the ability to move the freelancer from one project to the next without the concern on impacting other areas in the business and it gives you the option to use the person’s services as needed.



Freelancers and contractors bring a fresh pair of eyes to a project and can often help see the way around roadblocks and challenges and bring new processes to help a team structure work better together. What comes with a freelancer/contractor is experience from many different projects and scenarios which your business may not have come across before.



Contractors and freelancers often join a team and have deliverables that are critical to a business project. There may be an absolute need for that skill and their contribution is critical. This means that when they are hired they are aware of the skills they are being hired for, so the expectation of quality is immediate.



For most businesses hiring an employee is not usually an instant process. This can cause huge problems when a project is approaching a deadline or more hands a on deck are needed. With a freelancer or contractor, you can get hiring in a more efficient manner. There is less paperwork and a lesser need for training.



By using a contractor or freelancer whether working remotely or in-house there is the ability to search further afield and find talent outside of usual geographical limits. Using a freelancer may open the door to growth whilst minimising risk if things don’t work out. 


At Artisan we have a talent pool of freelancers, contractors and permanent creatives ready to go. So give us a call and let us help identify the right hiring strategy for your business.



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