The Best Christmas Ads 2019: From Around the World

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This is a collection of the most creative and emotion stirring Christmas Ads from 2019.


The holidays are a time for family, friends and feasting… it is also the season for commercials to compete for our attention by pulling out all the stops to make us laugh, cry or hit us with a snowball of nostalgia.

We know ad land, our candidates are immersed in it, so we keep a keen eye on what’s going on. It’s always nice to take some time out and ride the emotional roller coaster that is Christmas commercials.


I think what makes us so excited about all of these is that they are just some of the brands we work with. Its is the level of creativity, production and design that sets holiday commercials apart from the rest.

Here are some from around the world below. You can thank us later!




1) Comcast/Xfinit


Just tell me who isn’t happy about seeing E.T. back on the big screen, saying “Elliot”. At least this time E.T. can use the internet to call home and experience a nice earthly Christmas. They even use the original score... #Feels!



2) McDonalds


Maccas are on a mission to make the world #reindeerready by releasing an animated eye waterer. It has a great ending.



3) GAP


This one is for the parents out there. Highlighting the important of how significant a gift can be.



4) Pepsi


Partnering with Cardi B, all I'm going to say is "Twerk-Shop"



5) Amazon


Amazon have really thought out side the box with this one.



6) WWF


This is a stop motion spectical!



7) Facebook Groups


The 90-second ad depicts a mother off on service as a group of other mothers put in the extra effort to ensure her family have a special and brilliant Christmas.



8) John Lewis & Waitrose


This is a truly magical film with beautiful animation.





IKEA doing what IKEA do best.



10) Coles


Coles, with the help of Big Red, has released a nostalgic Christmas commercial, presenting festive family footage from 1914, the beginning of Coles, to the present.



11) Aldi


This is a continuation of the Kevin the Carrot animation.



12) Walkers





13) Myer



14) TK Maxx


TK Maxx is encouraging Christmas shoppers to be creative and original this year with gift giving.



15) Apple


I can't watch this one to the end, it really shines a light on family during the holidays.



16) ebay


The Christmas creep is a marketing scheme that’s a nuisance known to all shoppers and Ebay has playfully addressed this in their latest 66-second spot.



17) Big W


Take a look and see if this reminds you of your Christmas mornings.



18) Joules


We all know who Wallace and Gromit are, Aardman teamed up with Joules to create something so special.



19) Sainsbury's


Sainsbury's takes you back to the Victorian era and tells the story of Nicholas the chimney sweep and the beginnings of Sainsbury’s in an emotional two and a half minute ad.



 And of course! 20) Pelaton

The gift that keeps on giving!



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Which is your favourite? And did you feel raw emotion?



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