Answering That Final Interview Question!

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It’s the question some of us dread when coming to the end of a job interview with a potential future employer: "Have you got any questions for us?"

Your palms start to sweat as you struggle to come up with a suitable question on the spot. A lot of the time your questions have already been answered, but that’s not a good enough answer! You sit there in silence while your brain is working overtime to articulate a query that will make you look smart, engaged, and like the kind of person who would be a perfect fit for the company.


To help you stop that freeze-up from happening in your next interview, check out these questions to add to your armoury:

    1.    How would you describe the culture of the company?

    2.    What do you enjoy about working here?

    3.    What are the key priorities for the future of the business?

    4.    What exactly does this company value most?

    5.    Could you tell me more about the team or individuals I’d be working with?

    6.    How will my performance be evaluated, and how often?

    7.    Do you offer any continuing education or professional training?

    8.    What does the career path for this role look like?

    9.    Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

    10.    What’s the next step in the interview process?*

*Question 10 is a great one to end on, it shows you’re eager and feeling confident in your experience.

As a rule of thumb you should always come armed with at least two questions to ask an interviewer, but don’t forget it never hurts to be over prepared! And if one of your questions is answered during the interview, be sure to say that. State: “I wanted to know... but you’ve already addressed that” and follow it up with another question.

Remember, you need to read up on the company you’re interviewing with and rather than only asking questions with answers that benefit you, quiz them about the business itself.

Hopefully our suggestions have given you several quick ideas for the next time you’re across a table from your potential future boss!






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