Top Tips On Restoring Your Work-Life Balance

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Let's be honest. Sure, achieving amazing things while you're doing a job you love is a great feeling, but there's more to life than work. And while we’ve all stayed late at the office or answered the odd work email over the weekend, if you’re losing sleep over job-related matters? It’s probably time to reassess things and start to work on striking a better work-life balance!


If you feel as though it might be time to take a leaf out of Rihanna's book (the pop star has begun incorporating mental health days into her busy schedule in order to find more balance in her life) and make some restorative changes to your lifestyle, here are ten easy ways to even out the time you’re spending both in and out of the office. And yes - this still applies to those of you who work from home (potentially even more so).  

1. Adopt a flexible approach


It’s all well and good saying you’ll never work on a weekend, but what if you suddenly feel inspired on a Sunday? Try to be adaptable if creativity strikes!

2. Unplug yourself


Avoid taking a call in the middle of a family dinner or texting your boss whilst out for drinks with friends. It’s important to switch off when you leave work.

3. Embrace imperfection


There’s no such thing as perfection, so stop driving yourself crazy by striving for it! If you’ve spent hours editing a blog, it’s probably time to walk away from it.

4. Be more than the job


As humans we’re wired to want to try new things. Don’t let what you do for work define you, there’s more to life and you should want to get out there and enjoy it.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff


Stop letting your work bleed into your ‘me time’. If responding to an email or making a particular phone call can wait until tomorrow, leave it for then.

6. Put a limit on time wasters


Try to cut out people i.e. those that love a vent or a gossip, and activities i.e. errands you could outsource, that eat up your time. Free yourself up a bit!

7. Define what’s non-negotiable


If you like to go to yoga on a Thursday after work, don’t compromise that. Make an effort to block it out in your calendar and don’t compromise it.

8. Take time off


You’re allocated annual leave for a reason, so use it! If the thought of taking a full week off work fills you with dread, why not see how you go with a long weekend first?

9. Leave for lunch


Holidays are great, but you also need to be giving yourself a break on a daily basis. Get out the office during your lunch hour to clear your mind and restore focus.

10. Start small and build up


Set yourself realistic goals about regaining the balance between your working and social lives, maybe start out by committing to leaving on time once a week.

Are you a recovering workaholic? Feel free to share what kinds of changes you’ve been making on your journey to restoring a healthy work-life balance! You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.




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