The Secrets To Being A Highly Effective Job Seeker

So you're looking for a new job - but you don't just want any old position, you're seeking a great role that has the potential to shape your career trajectory for the better and help you feel inspired and fulfilled. That means it's time to get serious about your job hunt, and we're here to help. We've taken a look at the habits and behaviours of highly effective job seekers and put together a list of what you'll need to do in order to land your dream position.


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Letting people in your business and personal networks know you're looking for work might just be the leg up you need! Admittedly, networking isn't a skill that comes naturally to all people and some folk might find it difficult to disclose their employment status to friends and associates but if you're seeking a brand new job, any online and face to face connections you've made in the industry in which you'd like to work might make all the difference. These things can sometimes come down to who you know, and in this case you want to make sure they know YOU.



Much like cover letters, it's important that when you apply for a job you're keen on, you've looked over your resume and ensured it specifically highlights the skills and experiences mentioned in the job ad. And if you begin to notice there are some skills that jobs in your industry are beginning to require that might not be your strong point...



Take a look at your resume, and then at the job ads for the kind of work you're looking for, and ask yourself if there is anything that you might need to brush up on or learn in order to give yourself an edge. If you're working in a field where being current in a specific tech is essential, make sure you're attending related seminars and training sessions so you're up to date and able to show potential employers that you're invested in your own career and industry and you're prepared to do (and keep doing) the hard yards.



If you've followed our tips so far and made it to the interview point of the recruitment process, congratulations! Now's the time to make sure you're feeling confident, calm, and you're putting your best foot forward when you meet your potential new employers for the first time face to face. Practicing answers to potential questions you might be asked and preparing yourself mentally for any curveball queries or offers. Learn how to give a brief but informative summary of your career so far and what you're looking for in the future, ask great questions, and make sure you've read up on the company and know precisely who it is you're dealing with. It's not a bad idea to go through a company's social media presence where you are likely to not just find information regarding official company achievements, but an insight into the culture and interests of the people who work there.



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