How To Deal With Sunday Night Stress

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Do you find yourself feeling panicked at the tail end of the weekend at the mere thought of heading back to the workday grind on Monday? It's time to find out how the pros deal with it!


The folks at Skillcrush spoke to seven women about how they deal with what they're referring to as 'Sunday Night Stress' and the resulting article sure contains some great tips! 


Here's just a sample of what they've suggested:



"I definitely battle the Sunday Scaries - I have a full-time job and two side hustles, so my weekends are filled with work on my passion projects," says Taylor Morrison, founder of Emancipation. "The pressure of my businesses and my day job often comes to a head on Sunday evenings. I created a Sunday night ritual to help me fight against the Sunday Scaries: I shut off my laptop and put away my phone, and I don’t look at them until Monday morning. Then I take a bath while reading a good book. That self-care practice helps me beat the Sunday Scaries every time."



"After many years of realizing how daunting Sunday was, I decided to turn the weekend on its head by creating a ritual Sunday Funday with all my best friends," says Lori Cheek, architect-turned-entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Cheekd. "There’s a group of 15 or so of us that meet every Sunday for almost two years around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon for happy hour at our local watering hole on the Lower East Side. We play Scrabble, Jenga, Connect Four, and all sorts of other fun board games and hang out until 7:00 p.m., which is still early enough to get home for dinner and go to bed early. It’s a solid three and a half hours of fun where we’re not focused on the beginning of the work week. The other fun thing is that - because there’s so many of us - it’s almost always someone’s birthday, so we often throw that celebration into the mix."



"The idea of meal prepping is totally fun for some people," says Angel M. Hoodye, a licensed professional counselor, certified anger resolution therapist, and the owner of Flourishing Hope Counseling PLLC. "If this is you, then get rocking. Blast those meals out. This gives you one less thing to have to do during the upcoming week. Cooking can be very relaxing and a wonderful way to try something new; flex your creative muscles in the kitchen while still being productive for the upcoming week. This helps to decrease your stress as you get geared up for the upcoming work week."



"When I’m facing the Sunday Scaries, which I remember getting even as a kid in school, I phone a friend," says Gabrielle Costello, a content marketing supervisor. "Even if I don’t want to, I find a way to get out of my own head and get connected with someone. It can be a friend that I haven’t caught up with in a while, or a call to my grandma to say hello. This usually helps put things into perspective so that I can focus on preparing for the week. I also find that if my space is cluttered, it makes it harder to beat the Sunday blues. I’ll stop everything I’m doing to tidy up and it usually helps significantly."


To learn more ways to cope with Sunday night stress, head over to Skillcrush via the link below!


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