Jonathan: Graphic Designer

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We love nothing more than inviting our talented candidates to sit down for a virtual chat with us about their career, their creativity, and their lives, and we're super pleased to be joined today by Jonathan, a highly talented Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, to discuss all those things and more! Please welcome to the Artisan A-List... Jonathan!


What's your name, and what do you do?
Hi! My name is Jonathan and I am a Graphic Designer

Tell us a little bit about your background:  
I have been a graphic designer for over twenty five years, with a Master’s degree from the Glasgow school of art and a BA hons in Graphic Design from the Norwich School of Art.

I have worked in London, Bristol and Lisbon and also studied at art school in Madrid.


I also studied Award School in Melbourne securing third place. In my spare time I create art, with painting and silk-screening.

What sparked your interest in art and design? 
At a young age I love comics, fantasy and science fiction. This led me into art and graphic design. I was always drawing, making things and lost in my imagination.


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How do you think creativity is changing the world around us? 
Creativity has always changed are world. From the earliest cave paintings, to the neon brands around the world, graphic design is the sharing of ideas, values and meaning. Creativity in its larger sense has created new technologies, advances in science and the ability for mankind to think beyond his physical limitations.  

Who are some of your favourite Australian artists/designers/writers? 
Max Robinson, Chris Lucas, Les Mason, the guys at Three Deep, Frost, Cato, Mulga, Tin&Ed.  There are so many amazing and diverse creatives in Australia and proud to have learnt from some of the best.


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What are some of the online resources you use for inspiration? 
Pinterest, Google, Pentagram design, Wolf Olins. Also, alternatively, my extensive collection of design and art books.

What's your preferred social media site, and why?
Instagram. Made me fall in love with photography again.

What does a typical day for you involve?
Up early to plan my day. Creating list of objectives, a mixture of things I love to do and things I need to get done. Contacting clients and suppliers. Seeking freelance work and self-promotion.

Sometimes working in my studio, sometimes working in design or advertising studios. I try to mix it up. Swimming during the day when I can, art creation at the weekends. I am always busy and self-motivated. I have to be very self-disciplined as I often work alone or I am the key lead on a project.  


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How does living and working in Melbourne influence your work?
As I have lived in Melbourne for over ten years now, I have built many connections with people I work with, friends that are designers and clients that have become friends. These connections keep me busy and inspired. As Melbourne is such a centre of design for Australia, it draws from international design inspiration. Therefore I find Melbourne is window to the world, drawing form the best in international design.

What is a favourite project of yours that you've worked on and why? 
I always find (or hope) that my last project is my favourite. I have just created a brand for a science international company which brings together a team of over 500 scientists worldwide, positioning a leading company in Australia as a global market leader.  It is so rewarding to inspire a company of such significance


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Do you have any advice for people who want to follow in your career footsteps?
Be open to learning from people, believe in yourself, practice, practice. Be fascinated by form, seek as many ideas as possible, remember rule breaking is healthy. Share your ideas and understand that being good at execution is a lifetime endeavour.  Most of all is design is supposed to fun and many people forget that. I do my best work when I am enjoying the work and I am lost in the creation of design.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  
Being good at something is not just about talent but more to do with attitude. The more you practice your practice the more you develop.

What do you like about being an Artisan candidate?  
Artisan have great connections and help me not only to get freelance work, but expand my work to meet new interesting and creative people.


Why would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?
Because they are friendly, supportive and well connected.

What's next for you?
To promote my new website, expand my freelance connections, continue working with great clients and do and painting exhibition this year.

What question do you wish we’d asked you, and what would your answer have been?

"Why do I love and do graphic design?"

I love sharing and communicating ideas, telling stories and delighting an audience. I love the process of making and creating and being enveloped in a world of imagination.

I would also like to say thank you for Artisan for featuring me and being so supportive of my work and career.

Our pleasure!  If your company would love to work with great talent like Jonathan, please get in touch with our team on (03) 9514 1000! And if you'd like to become one of Artisan Recruitment's star candidates just like Jonathan, head over to our sign up page and join the team!