How To Win Over Top Talent

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As the person in charge of hiring there’s nothing more frustrating than offering a job to your dream candidate for them to turn around and tell you they’ve already been snapped up by someone else!

Whilst this is always a possibility (everyone turns down a job at some stage), it’s demoralising to have to go back to square one. Keep reading for ways to avoid losing out on the best hires...

Nowadays top talent doesn’t stay on the market for long, so reducing the number of steps in your hiring process is a great way to stop your business missing out. To do this pencil in interviews shortly after posting your job ad, ask interviewees to send samples of their work ahead of time and meet multiple potential hires in one day. Remember, the longer you take to make your decision the more time you give a new hire to look elsewhere.

Don’t assume you know exactly why a candidate is interested in your role and therefore likely to accept your offer; ask them what’s important. Dig deep into their wish list of criteria for their next career move by quizzing them on everything from the sort of manager they’d like to work for to whether they need more flexible working hours to fit around their home life. If you have all the information, you’ll know how to make your dream employee an offer they can’t refuse.

If you want the best, you must be willing to pay your way – now is not the time to try and save a few dollars on someone’s salary. Salaries vary depending on the market, if you haven’t hired for a particular role in over a year, don’t offer a new employee the same pay-packet as a past staff member in that role. Do your research to ensure you’re offering a competitive salary; wages have big pulling power and candidates will look around to see what other rates they can get.

Picture this: it’s after 5pm on a Friday and you’ve just decided on the perfect candidate, do you want until Monday morning to give them the offer or do you call them right away to tell them the good news? Surely the choice is obvious! Once your mind’s made up let your top choice know as soon as possible, if you choose to delay someone else might have managed to worm their way in there by the time you get around to it.

If your favourite candidate tells you that they’re considering another offer too ask them for details about it, i.e. salary, benefits, company culture and the pros and cons of the other role. Avoid grilling them and explain that you only want to understand who the opposition are and how your role competes. Having access to this information will give you the upper hand when enhancing your offer or give you insights about how to beat the competition with future hires.

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