Learn to code in paradise!

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Are you a creative looking to pick up digital skills?

Then the Institute of Code’s immersive coding retreat in Bali is for you! Over the course of ten days you’ll learn to build beautiful, responsive websites from scratch in stunning surroundings.

The course is all-inclusive and costs cover luxury accommodation, all meals cooked by an in-house chef, course materials and software, 12 months hosting for your portfolio and more.

The next session is on June 10 and there are only two spots left! Both these places are part of the IoC’s sponsorship program that pairs students with businesses in need of a new website.

If you get sponsorship, you’ll either be building a website for a Sydney-based Psychologist or nonprofit ‘Seven Women’, who provide education and employment for disabled Nepali women.

The cost of this amazing learning experience is usually $2,450US, but as part of the business sponsorship program it’ll be reduced by up to $1,000US!

Can’t wait to apply for the June 10 session? Pop an email to: hello@instituteofcode.com with your name and phone number ASAP and IoC will be in touch to fast-track your application.

Alternatively, if the June 10 course doesn’t work for you don’t panic! IoC run programs throughout the year, click to check out their other dates and enrol online.