Lauren : Graphic Designer

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Lauren is a Graphic Designer from Queensland. She's worked on a number of interesting projects including creating an app and packaging for charity  bracelets to support event, We Day. She's grateful to us for making job hunting and freelancing easier!

What sparked your passion for design?

I’d say it started in preschool, we were able to create a cup and plate for our parents which was a lot of fun. Since then I’ve always had a focus on art and design – Mum still has the cup and plate to this day.

Tell us about the biggest achievement of your design career so far.

Definitely creating advertising for the WE Day broadcast, having the opportunity to create billboards with celebrities, an EDM for Michelle Obama and having an advertisement in Times Square is tough to beat.

How would you describe the style of your work?

I’d say it’s very clean and aesthetically pleasing.

What’s your design weapon of choice?

Traditional – pencil and paper

Software – InDesign

Which three websites do you love to visit for design inspiration?
1. Pinterest, without a doubt.
2. From up North
3. Abduzeedo

Whose work do you really admire and why?

I really love Jessica Walsh’s work, her use of typography is so creative and fun.


Do you have any businesses or brands you’d love to design for?

I’m a massive kid at heart so I’d love to be able to design for Disney or DreamWorks, other than that any fashion-related brand or boutique wineries/ breweries needing labels or packaging created.

Share your best bit of design advice with us.
Never underestimate the power of kerning!

Which Artisan job have you most enjoyed working on?

Working at Blue Pencil was a lot of fun; they were a great group of people in a really cool co-op space.


What do you like about being an Artisan candidate?
Everyone at Artisan is so helpful and lovely, they’ve made job hunting/freelancing so much easier for me.

Would you recommend Artisan to a fellow creative?

Most definitely!


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