To rebrand or refresh a brand – that is the question

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It’s no secret that a strong brand is an invaluable asset; it makes a business stand out from the crowd, helps a target audience to identify with a company and generates new custom. That said we all need to remember it’s not enough to design a brand once; it needs to remain fresh and current to keep being impactful in a world where consumers are constantly changing.

So, if you feel it’s time to revamp the branding of your business or a company you work for, you need to consider whether a brand refresh or complete rebrand is the right approach for you. If you could do with a hand deciphering the differences between these two processes, you’re in luck as that’s exactly what we’re about to bring you up to speed on!

What is a rebrand?
You can liken the process of rebranding to plastic surgery. It means more than a tweaked logo, new messaging or updated visuals; it’s about establishing a new identity for a business. A complete change in the image, story and philosophy of a company.

Why would I go for a rebrand?
We can give you plenty of reasons you might decide to rebrand a business. For instance your target audience might have changed, the business might have been acquired or merged with another company or maybe it no longer communicates your company’s message effectively.

Are there any major concerns with rebranding?
There are lots of worries associated with a rebrand and it’s an incredibly challenging task to take on. A rebrand can sometimes clutter rather than streamline your business. It can totally alienate or confuse your customers if not done properly, and you also need to make sure your employees resonate with your new brand, they’re your biggest brand ambassadors after all.

Now to flip to the other side of the business branding coin…

What is a brand refresh?
You can liken a brand refresh to a makeover, getting a new haircut or updating your wardrobe for example. It’s a remodel of what you already have, as opposed to a total rebuild. A refresh is all about updating your business so it remains relevant within your industry.

Why would I go for a brand refresh?
A few reasons you might decide to take this route include the fact that your logo could use a new lease of life, or maybe you need to realign your company's messaging to speak to your audience better but you want to do this in a way that means people still recognise the brand after a refresh.

Are there any major concerns with brand refreshing?
Whilst a brand refresh is much less intrusive than a full rebrand, it’s by no means an easy process. You need to remember you already have a loyal target audience that trusts your brand, so don’t make such drastic changes that the visual connection to your business is severed. Try to avoid being overly trendy too as you don’t want to have to constantly keep refreshing your brand.

Fingers crossed we’ve been able to give you a detailed enough lowdown on the differences between these two processes, so that you can decide the right course of action should you feel a change is on the horizon for your company.

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