5 hot typography trends for 2016

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Typography is a core element of any branding; it expresses personality, helps with consistency and makes you memorable. That’s why choosing the right typeface is so essential!

What’s hot in the world of typography changes year on year; 2016 sees the revamp of a few old favourites as well as several new kids on the block.

So, if you’re rebranding or looking (or helping) to launch a business, service or product this year and aren’t sure how to brand it, pay attention as we give you the lowdown on this year’s type trends.

Brings life to any canvas, be that print or digital by conveying fun, emphasising a down-to-earth nature and highlighting personability. Edgier versions do exist for those wanting a bit more attitude – pow!

Examples: 53 brush fonts for you to peruse (some free, others not).

Sans Serifs keep hold of the throne but Serifs will make a comeback in 2016, whether that be in more classic and traditional styles, slab Serifs which are big and bold or girly, curly and loopy Serifs.

Examples: 10 super popular Serifs and 10 top slab Serifs to take a look at. 

Retro and grunge
You can’t escape vintage-inspired fonts this year, grungy yet intricate typefaces are all around us. They look custom made but not overdone, put simply they do well at being a bit hipster.

Examples: 12 retro font families with 57 typefaces for you to invest in.

All centred around simple shapes, we’re talking triangles, circles and squares. There’s a fair amount of variation between geometric fonts, some like to keep things linear whilst others have an art deco feel.

Examples: 9 geometric fonts for you to add to your toolkit.

Works one of two ways, those boasting a slight indent providing a debossed effect and those more retro fonts that appear to have used a stamp to transfer the typeface onto your chosen medium.

Examples: 13 letterpress typefaces you’ll love.

Looking at your options for 2016, which typography trend could you get on board with? Tell us which one gets your vote on Twitter.

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