Top 2016 logo design trends

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A logo should portray a brand’s message and image – it is the unique identity of the company – that’s why it’s so important to get it right when designing one for your own business or that of a client.

We’ve looked into what logo design trends are set to be hot this year, so you can get a feel for the sorts of styles that will be sought after in 2016.  

Putting a new twist on an old style became popular several years back but took off last year and will continue to sky-rocket in 2016. It’s all about mixing modern flat styles with the ornate shapes and fonts that were used in logos of times gone by. Perfect for sultry music clubs and restaurants.

Example: The Little Miss Group in Adelaide, designed by Athlete Studio.
Hipsters have been loving the line art trend (also known as ‘monoline’) since it came on the design scene last year. They’re simple, graphic, fun and will often use just one solid colour and line thickness throughout. This ode to iconography is ideal for independent breweries and coffee shops.

Example: Barter wine bar, designed by Sam Lee from Sydney.

Support has gathered for this trend over the years due to the trustworthiness and personal feel implied by a hand drawn logo. As popularity grows hand drawn-digital hybrids are emerging more and more, and whilst they still offer charm it’s not on quite the same level. Great for cute gift shops and tearooms.

Example: From On High café in Melbourne, designer not known.

It’s huge across all design mediums from packaging to web, and is fast becoming the hot choice for logos in 2016. Flat designs using only a few colours create to-the-point designs that cut out the clutter and focus attention where it needs to be. They work wonders for health brands or more corporate companies.

Example: Beard Basics men’s grooming brand, created and designed by Brendan Tennent from Brisbane.

A long-standing trend that’s making moves to become more modern. Sprucing up the tired minimalist designs of plain text on a solid colour background and finding creative ways to arrange a brand name, i.e. stacking text vertically. Brilliant for boutique art galleries or design based firms.

Example: The Print Room design and textiles studio in Melbourne, designed by Whitney Colbourn.

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