How To Successfully Onboard Your New Hire

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Did you know a new hire’s first 90 days at a company are the most crucial? That’s why successful onboarding of a new starter is so important.

For those that are unsure of what onboarding is, it's the process of fully integrating a newly hired employee into your company and their role within it.

We’ve put together a how-to-guide full of handy hints to ensure your business provides a great onboarding experience - check it out!


Onboarding should start before your new hire’s first day, so be sure to stay in touch with them in the time between offering them the job and their start date.

Why not pop them on the company mailing list or invite them to an event you’re running? That way they can get a feel for the company’s culture and latest business developments.


Ensure your team knows the name of your new starter and their role. Introduce them to their new coworkers on the first day and let them know what everyone does (flashcards never hurt).

Take them to lunch, or host a coffee morning; that way they can meet their new colleagues in a relaxed environment and start to feel at home sooner.


A lot of companies try to wing it on a new employee’s first day and this usually results with keeping them busy doing admin and giving them a bog-standard office tour.

Send paperwork ahead of time and make sure their computer and desk are already set up when they arrive, then they can get stuck into what they were hired to do straight away.


Every newbie hates having to ask loads of questions, so make sure your new starter has all the answers, i.e. how to use the scanner, where the bathrooms are or what time to take lunch.

Why not ask current employees what they wish they’d been told on their first day at the company? Then you can put together a useful FAQs doc to share with your new hire.


If you’re going to be managing this new employee closely and you’re particular about how you like to work, be open and honest about that - don’t wait until you blow up to explain it.

Hold a meeting with them in their first week and have a ‘working with me 101’ rundown. Be sure to discuss the expectations you have of them for their first few months.


Let’s not forget onboarding is about so much more than the lead up to and first day of a new candidate’s company life, it’s about getting the best out of them in their first 90 days.

Why not sit down after a week or so and see where you’re both at? This works as a two-way chat, for them to tell you how they’re getting on and you to share your praises or concerns.

When considering whether to adopt some of these strategies with your next new hire, remember onboarding has been shown to lead to greater productivity and lower employee turnover.

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