What could Pause 2017’s theme be?

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Every Pause Fest tells a story through a unique theme. Discover was the theme of 2016; other past themes have included Pure, Connected and Future.

While tucking into the delights of last week, we spotted a notice board encouraging attendees to share their ideas for what the 2017 theme should be.

We’ve given this some thought and come up with a few suggestions of our own…

Discover how to turn ‘risk’ from something scary to something exciting. Get expert advice on how to take brave, yet calculated risks to benefit your business, like moving in a totally new creative direction.

Look at how different creative technologies are and will continue to benefit the community, from apps that do good to developing platforms that enable your users to have the best online experience possible.

Understand the importance of constant evolution in business. Learn how leaders in the industry have stayed at the top of their game by embracing new creative strategies.

Make it all about the startups! Invite those in the creative industry with a business idea of their own to understand the process behind starting a company, from idea through to launch day.

Got any thoughts as to what next year’s Pause Fest theme should be? We’d love for you to share them with us on Twitter.

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