Sha'an d'Anthes: Designer, Illustrator and Exhibiting Artist

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Sha'an d'Anthes is a mix of everything that is wonderful, designer, illustrator, and exhibiting artist. Moreover, she is a storyteller, and her canvasses express the threads of narrative she shares.

She's reached the ripe, peach ripe, age of 21, and already d'Anthes boasts an incredible Tumblr, Etsy and Instagram following- a market she cornered in her pre-graduation phase of life. She's flown around the world, worked for Yen and has set up studio in her hometown of Sydney. All these things and more; she has a name that seems destined for creative genius.

Her work itself is a visual pleasure: exciting, gentle, tangible, refreshing. d'Anthes approach to her medium manipulates a matured technique balanced against a youthful vision of pastel pinks, foam greens and wattle yellows.

She initially dreamed of illustrating and writing her own books, but never got to the latter. Drawing her ideas was a natural fit, and this expression has been a part of her daily interpretation of the world since. Years later, university life didn't offer her the skills she needed for what she found her calling to be- it was her own motivation and determination that drew her to the paint brushes. Colour, children, passion, family and Mother Nature inspire her regularly, and these elements are almost as evident in her work as the palettes she uses.

We love her for many reasons, not least of them being her favourite travel spots: France, Japan, and her fridge.


By Natasha Norford
Photo credit: Sha'an d'Anthes.