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And that's the Hitch with Christmas ...: Digital Macintosh-Operator Recruitment, Mid-to-Senior Creative Branding Positions Sydney, Junior-to-Mid Government-Sector Copywriter Careers Melbourne, Creative-Studio Copywriting Jobs Sydney, Design-Studio Interactive-Designer Recruitment Adelaide
And that's the Hitch with Christmas ...
Able Australia Patron, Peter Hitchener, attending the launch of this inspiring collection of Christmas music.
For the profoundly disabled, Christmas can be filled with feelings of sadness and isolation. Thankfully, with the support of the Australian community, Government and corporate sector, Able Australia is changing this.

Able Australia Services is a long-standing non-profit organisation that provides services to people living with multiple disabilities. Formerly The Deafblind Association, Able Australia's vision is to create a community in which people with multiple disabilities are seen, heard, respected, valued and connected.

This year Robbie Hendry, Able Australia's Victorian Music Therapy Coordinator, has enlisted the talent of fellow music therapists as well as industry artists to perform on Able Australia's fundraiser Christmas CD.

This Christmas, help share the cheer with those suffering multiple disabilities, by adding a little extra cheer to your own family's Christmas, with this inspiring CD.

"It rocked my Christmas stockings off" - Peter Hitchener


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