Natasha Norford : Sales Support

Freelance Creative-Studio Mac-Op Recruitment Canberra, Permanent Multimedia Web-Design Jobs Darwin, Mid-weight Digital Art-Direction Jobs Bendigo

What is your name?
Hello! I'm Tasha.

What is your job at Artisan?
I'm usually found manning the Brisbane phones, booking appointments, touching base with our candidates and clients and making our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages look spiffy.

What is your background?
Sales, administration & freelance journalism.

Who did you work for before Artisan?
Cue Clothing.

Where did you receive your education & training?
I'm currently polishing off my dual degree in Communications and Art History at the University of Queensland. I also studied writing at QUT and I'd like to polish off some practical design skills in art college.

What attracted you to work with Artisan?
Working with a creative based agency is an exciting opportunity, and being in an arts-based industry is something I've always wanted to be a part of!

A book, movies or music?
Don't make me choose. That's quite cruel. I'm a huge reader, but I'll pick d), all of the above. :)

What are you reading/listening to/watching currently?
I'm currently reading Donna Tart's " The Secret History"- my book list is too long to name. I love the film "W.E." and I'm listening to a lot of French folk music at the moment.

What do you enjoy doing on weekends?
Early morning runs, catching up on freelance, cafe hunting, late brunches, long drives, a hike with friends in summer or late night bonfires in winter.