Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Here at Artisan, we love a good party - and there are some seriously good parties on the horizon with Halloween just days away! Forgotten to sort out a costume in time for an upcoming soiree, but feel a last minute urge to dress up? We're here to help! We've collected some costume ideas you can do on the cheap and still impress\horrify your mates. Ready?




It won't be hard to dress up as Hillary Clinton circa Texts From Hillary - just wear a power blazer (hit the op shops if you don't happen to own this item of clothing yourself) or a pantsuit, add a gigantic brooch, and then - warning, this may seem anti social at a party - wear your sunglasses and spend the whole evening texting like a boss.


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The Republican candidate more your thing? No problem! Dress up as Trump and you'll be wearing the best ever costume, guaranteed, absolutely one of the best costumes ever worn at a party, so much better than a Hillary outfit, it's unbelievable. Again, a blazer is essential, and maybe a tie with a little American flag pin, and you'll need to paint your face - excluding your eye socket area - an unnatural shade of gold. Of course, the most critical part of your costume is going to be getting the hair right. Either buy a terrible blonde wig at the $2 shop and hack & hair spray it until it resembles the iconic bouffant of The Donald OR perhaps investigate one of the (many) YouTube tutorials on how to style your own natural hair to look like Trump's.


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The standout star of the Netflix sensation Stranger Things is OBVIOUSLY Barb, and thank goodness she's also got the most recognisable style of all the characters. Large glasses, a loud blouse with a frilly collar, and a folder with some books. If you can keep a facial expression that reads 'I will inevitably be disappointed by my BFF' on your puss all night, then boom! INSTANT BARB


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Pokemon Go!, you guys! It's still wildly popular, right? Right? OK sure, the app hasn't really improved for the better since it took the world by storm back in July, and no, we can't battle our friends, but you can't argue with instantly recognisable weaponary - dress as a Pokeball just by finding some white pants and a red shirt, and create a white circle belt buckle with some card board and scissor.


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It might be a term you don't really want to explain fully to your mother (and to think, it sounded so wholesome at first!) but it DOES make for a good - and easy! - costume! Either buy some Netflix merchandise and show your support for everyone's favourite online streaming service (or literally write the word 'NETFLIX' on a plain t-shirt) and then turn up to the party with a bag of ice. Happy bonus: when the party needs more ice for the drinks, you are instantly the most popular person at the party. OH&S NOTE: wear gloves or your hands will get real cold real fast.


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We hope that's helped you sort out your last minute Halloween costume idea! And don't forget, you can follow Artisan Recruitment on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we share the best stuff we find online relating to creative industries, plus links to the hottest jobs in town!