RONE - 'Empty' Exhibition

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If you've ever wandered around the streets of Collingwood or Fitzroy in Melbourne, then it's highly likely you've already encountered the work of renown street artist Rone. He's a member of a collective called Everfresh, whose 'Welcome To Sunny Fitzroy' mural has become a regularly Instagrammed local attraction, and they're responsible for a heap of now iconic imagery in the streets of Melbourne.


With 'Empty', his first official exhibition in two years, Rone has taken over the old Lyric Theatre on Johnson Street, a derelict building that is scheduled to be demolished by developers in the not too distant future. On the old white wall that used to screen silent movies back in the 1920s, Rone has painted one of his signature huge portraits of a beautiful young woman, incorporating parts of the theatre's original mural into his work. 


Displayed along the edges of the space are other works of his that have been painted on paper and canvas, plus a selection of photographs of the other pieces Rone has painted in abandoned or half demolished buildings over the last few years - images very few people would have seen before. "Usually my work is in a public space where people can go visit it [but] with these houses, I wouldn't want to send people to these spaces," explained Rone to SMH.


The exhibition is running from Friday 14th October to Sunday 23rd October, and is open from 12pm to 5pm. It's absolutely free, and it really does need to be seen to be believed. Highly recommended!

What: Rone - 'Empty' Exhibition

Where: 247 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Dates: Friday 14 October – Sunday 23 October.

Hours: 12pm to 5pm.


Image by J Forsyth of Melbourne Arts Club.