AGDA's Design Means Business: Future Five

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Are you a design professional, a business owner, or a design buyer? If so, you'd better get yourself along to AGDA's Design Means Business series of events, the first of which - Future Five - is being held on Wednesday 13th July between 6.30 - 8.30pm at the NGV in Fed Square.


Five industry professionals will be taking the stage for a revealing evening of honest challenges and real-life triumphs, as they open up about the last five years of running a design business – warts and all.


From the AGDA invite:


"Each guest will give a presentation on their own experiences in the design industry over the last five years, what’s worked, what’s failed and what, if anything, would they change if they could turn back the clock?

This will be followed by a panel discussion and in-depth Q and A session where the audience will have the chance to put their own questions to the panel. The session will see the guests looking ahead at what they think the next five years has in store for them. They will unveil their own perspective on the future of the design industry and how this will impact design-based businesses.

Join us to get an inside look at what matters most when it comes to running a successful design business, including strategy, direction, people, process, business, passion and more."


The panel includes Monique de Jong (Head of Design for Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Rhys Gorgol (Creative Director/Owner of The Company You Keep), David Ansett (Founder and Chief Creator of Brands for Truly Deeply), Andrew O’Keeffe (Director and Founding Partner of Studio Alto), with Nancy Bugeja from HM Group moderating the discussion.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket now!




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